Translation Software Review & Comparison 2019

The best Translation Software in Review

The best Translation Software

Here you see the comparison winners, best lists and novelties at a glance. Valuable tips on Translation Software, as well as Translation Software videos, advice, a Translation Software checklist and what to look out for when buying Translation Software. With our list of the best Translation Software you are always on the right page. In our Translation Software comparison, we have included different ratings and comparisons in the selection. At the same time, this also results in lists of the best, with which all customer wishes can be fulfilled. The following lists are divided into comparisons, offers to save money and new publications.

The TOP 20 Translation Software at a glance

Linguatec Translation Software Personal Translator 14 Professional Multilingual (PC)
  • Indispensable tool for swift and simple translations
  • Understand and produce foreign-language texts effortlessly
  • Look up unfamiliar words in the wink of an eye
  • One price - 7 languages
  • Intelligent context analysis
SYSTRAN 7 Office Translator European Pack language Translation Software
  • Easy click-and-go user interface
  • Ability to customize the translations
  • Translates documents, emails, Web pages,
  • SYSTRAN 7 Office Translator
  • Larousse Translation Dictionary
SYSTRAN 7 Business Translator European Pack language Translation Software
  • Translates English into French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese & Dutch
  • Translates documents, emails, Web pages, and texts, and PDF's
  • Larousse Translation Dictionary
  • Systran 7 Business Translation Software
  • SYSTRAN Business Translator 7
Language Translator - Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese & English
  • Instantly translate documents, e-mail and web pages
  • Text translations -- drag and drop text files or type into the Notepad for instant translations
  • Web page translations -- translate pages straight from your browser
  • Translations in your favourite applications -- Microsoft Word and Corel WordPerfect
  • Email translations -- quickly and easily translate messages to and from associates, colleagues, relatives and friends
EuroTalk Interactive - Talk Now! Learn Malay
  • The "intelligent" software feature remembers words you get wrong and targets your weak points
  • Extensive basic vocabulary, from first words, food, colors, phrases, parts of the body and numbers, to telling time, shopping and countries
  • Each of the target languages for Talk Now! has help available in an additional 102 languages - simply choose the flag of your native country in the beginning of the program & EuroTalk's Talk Now! Program will provide instruction in your native language
  • Each topic contains listening practice, an easy game, a hard game, a printable dictionary as well as the opportunity to record your voice and hear how you sound in comparison to the two native speakers who tutor the user throughout the Talk Now! course
  • Each question that is answered correctly increases the user's score - get an answer wrong and points will be lost. There are 1800 points in total to gain from the disc. A full score earns the user a 'Gold Award'
Teaching-you 31 Languages of the World
  • Up to 5,000 words per language!
  • Interactive dialogues and conversation practice
  • Integrated native speaker sound
  • Advanced speech analysis
  • Record, playback and compare your voice
Learn Spanish Now! 9.0
  • See and hear real native speakers in full motion video
  • participate in real conversations and record, playback and compare your accent
  • Play loads of fun games and activities that track your progress
  • As you learn to speak you will alos learn to listen, read and write
Talk Now! Learn Zulu
  • The world's best selling language learning CD-ROM series for beginners
  • Essential words and phrases for absolute beginners
  • Ideal for young learners, families, students and people going abroad
  • Completely intuitive - simple interface means that learning is as easy as pointing and clicking
  • Speech recording - allows you to compare your voice with native speakers
Linguaphone In Action Japanese 2.0
  • Over 5,000 words of vocabulary
  • Full motion video
  • Record, Playback and Compare facility
  • Pronunciation analysis
  • Conversation practice
Learn Italian Now! 9.0
  • Includes over 16,000 words per language and hundreds of useful phrases
  • See and hear real native speakers in full motion video
  • participate in real conversations and record, playback and compare your accent
  • Play loads of fun games and activities that track your progress
  • As you learn to speak you will alos learn to listen, read and write

There are countless Translation Software products. With our comparisons you are on the right side.

Current Translation Software Offers

In the following Translation Software comparison table you can see products with current offers or savings compared to the normal price. Often it is not helpful to compare only the test winners, since these cost possibly also more and have a higher purchase price. Not with everyone the purse sits loosely.

In addition to the Translation Software product image, they see the most important features, ratings and price. However, the table with the current best Translation Software offers can often be identical with the bestseller list.

Translation Software New Releases

When buying products, it is not always the case that you really want them. Often Translation Software is also bragged about before others – after all, you have purchased the most modern and newest product!

The following list is the ideal solution for all those who want to attract attention and always have the latest and completely new Translation Softwares at a glance!

Checklist for the purchase of Translation Software

  1. Which size is the best at Translation Software?
  2. Are there any manufacturers or brands that are particularly recommended for Translation Software?
  3. What does Translation Software cost?
  4. Costs for possible care and cleaning – Do you need extras that you might want to order at the same time?
  5. Material: high-quality workmanship is reflected in the price, but usually lasts longer.
  6. Depending on the Translation Software material, the weight can also be affected.

Translation Software Videos


There are clearly a few points to consider, especially with Translation Software. Be it the material or the size or the possible maintenance effort. Nevertheless, the aspects listed above should not be disregarded. Translation Software offers, best lists but also new publications can always be found on our website.

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